Summer Comiket

To all of you who came out in the heat
to Summer Comiket, thank you very much.
My day there inspired me, thanks to
everyone's energy, to do even better.
If I could just resolve this power to
all of you who encourage me, it'd be
a most wonderful thing...
I don't know for myself if I have that
power but so that my works make you excited
and happy, even if just a little, I've decided
I'm going to work even harder. And in that sense,
my participation at Comiket proved to be
a most worthwhile experience.
Except that I cannot express enough regret
that I had no new items to show... Next time,
I'll do better.
Should you catch site of me at some other event
or anything, please feel free to call out to me.
I don't bite.


Big Brother Marron,
who'd been staying at my parents' house
in Takarazuka, ended up staying with me
for almost two months, the way things
turned out.
He's a mischievous and sweet boy but
I guess I shouldn't be surprised that
he was able to keep up a miraculous
communication from afar with his little brother.
It's quite healing.

Long Time No See

Sorry for the late update.
Since I had some free time
after the crunch finally let up,
and though I could say I've been
just chilling all this while,
I luckily established contact with
some friends of mine who hadn't had
time to hang out in a while, and pretty
much spent the whole time meeting and
hanging with them...
It was very worthwhile.
This really is the primary reason why
I feel I'm really glad I decided
to move to Tokyo.

Since I had no plans for today,
I devoted myself to cleaning my house.
Dog hair really boggles my mind.

Since my mom's leaving on a trip next week,
I agreed to take care of her dog for her.
But it's amazing how just one more dog
can add to the dog hair I already have...

Now, this is happening next month but
Libre Publishers will be releasing the
Gakuen Heaven Kazuki Endo edition.
Best of regards.
Also, NIGHT HEAD GENESIS, being released by
Kodansha, is on sale so if you are interested in it
by all means pick up a copy. It'd make me so happy...

Right now, my old works like "Seimaden" and others
are available on cellphone and seem to be very well received.
Thank you to all you out there downloading it.
Those works hold quite a special place in my heart
so just hearing that there are others kind enough to read them
fills me with such gratitude.
While questioning myself as to if I'm really grappling
with my works so as not to forget the passion I had
when I was making them...I'm still very far from the ideal
that I want to be but I just hope I've advanced forward
at least one step, if anything.

I'm home.

It was only for a short trip but
I full enjoyed Spain.
I got home a while ago but
what with running around here and there,
I was late in writing about it in my blog.
Even since before leaving, I was afraid of how
my stomach had been feeling bad and thought
it might act up. But when I got there
the food was so good I couldn't help gourging
myself on it and I ended up giving myself enteritis.
While walking around town, the walls that were
supposed to be white, looked yellow...and I realized
the pain was making me faint so I hurried back to the hotel
and had the doctor pay a visit.
Sure enough it was nothing serious but he ordered
that I not eat for one day so for getting to go
all the way to Spain, I ended up only eating yogurt
for a while after that. Boo hoo...
Jamón ibérico...I wanted to eat it so badly...
When I got back to Japan, I went to the doctor
just to be safe but he also told me to go without meat
for a while and eat things like yogurt...but please...
I've had enough yogurt, thank you.

I'm an idiot.

In my last blog entry, I wrote how
the peach blossoms are beautiful.
But an old woman in my neighborhood
confirmed for me that they're actually
double cherry blossoms... I'm such a dunce.
And after I went on and on about them...
As a sign of my apologies, I'm marking the
correction to that entry. Ahem.

I've suddenly made up my mind about
getting to Spain.
Taking into account what would be most
convenient, I'll only be taking one week
to go and I think I'll hit up, Granada,
Cordoba, Sevilla and other locations in
Andalucia... At least, that's the plan.
Oh, how I've missed Europe!

This is my first time going to Spain alone.
I've heard the public order's not doing so well
so I'm a little nervous but once I'm safely back
in Japan, I'll report in again.

The Peach Blossoms are beautiful

Even though the cherry blossom season's over
there are a ton of peach blossoms now...
It feels like it's been a strange season.
The peach trees in my neighborhood are blossoming fully.
So after the storm of cherry blossoms we've got a storm of
peach blossoms to enjoy.
On another note, it's been so cold, wouldn't you say?
It feels like that's how it's been for months now.
With yet another onslaught of work over with, I feel like
getting refreshed so I made the last-minute decision to
take a trip to Spain.
I suddenly felt like seeing the light and shadows of Andalucia...
It could serve as reference material for my work...again, I think
I have a real problem.

But really, I figured if I went to Europe I could revive myself
before coming home, so I think I'll devote myself to replenishing
my strength through it.
It'd be easiest to join a tour group or something but sometimes
I don't do well in groups so I think I'll just go on my own.
I still haven't decided on a hotel so I'm a little nervous but...
I'll figure something out.

But since I still have work to complete before I leave,
I can't occupy myself with travel plans alone...
Gotta work hard!

At last

After close to one month straight of work,
I was close to blowing a fuse.
But I've gotten a little time to myself finally
so I am updating my blog.

This month, I drew about 180 pages worth for work.
That's quite an accomplishment for even me.
But honestly, it is all thanks to my
hard-working assistants and editors.

It seems finally here in April I'll
be able to go back to a more human
lifestyle and there are so many things
I'm thinking I'd like to do.
But what with how absorbed I've been with work,
I've practically forgotten how to have a good time...
While I stay here wondering what it is I should do,
time is slowly slipping by...though that's
how it always is with me.

Today I went to a friend's flamenco recital.
They were all so impressive, I even let out a sigh of regret.
I really look up to those who participate in such things
but when I think about how lacking I am in physical ability,
I get so so down.

I wonder what I should decide on the belly-dance invitation
I was given...Could I at least be able to do that much?

I'm Still Right in the Middle of It but...

...I have several deadlines
coming up at one time so
I don't see any quiet time
for a while.
I'm also sorry for the delayed
responses on the BBS and stuff too.
Once April rolls around I think
I should be able to have a little more
free time so just be patient...
Today I drew Ludwig and Hornig
for the first time in forever.
Or maybe it's that I had a lot of fun
for the first time in forever.
If only my deadlines were a little
easier on me, I'd be happier.
Oh well, maybe it's a case of
you reap what you sow...?


Starting this month and on into the next
and up until the middle of the one after that,
I will be absolutely swamped with work.
Just when I thought the strain was finally lifting,
I have all these deadlines for illustrations...
Only now has it subsided for a moment.
So I really have been unable to write for quite a while.
Since it feels that the latter half of this year
will involve work besides just manga, I have to
adjust my schedule accordingly.

I really think it's a luxury of mine to get to
make a living off work that I love to do.
However, I reprimand myself for getting caught up
in the intertia and knowingly drowining myself in it all.
Though I think it's natural for a professional
to think in terms of supplying the demand,
there are also times when the alarm bells inside me
warning me of a possible break-down of my identity
jar me back to reality saying "don't end it there!"
Is this dlimma a matter of conceit as a creator?
...Such are the silly things I choose to focus on
or ignore.

Sorry if this didn't make any sense.

But as long as there are people out there cheering me on,
I'll work my best to not do anything that would betray
your expectations.
Thank you very much from here on in too.


When I was making miso soup
for dinner, I wanted to taste
how it was doing and ended up
burning the inside of my mouth...
Ow, it huuurts!
It even seems the thin skin of it
is peeling back a little.

I can't go into details yet but
it seems that two older titles
of mine that had gone out of print
are going to be republished by a
new company.
Since they're so so old, now I'm
having to check their manuscripts
and the whole mess is quite painful
for me.
Cuz I used color tones on them...
...and on top of that the pictures
are a little, well...
Let's just say I feel the history in them.